Despite a few rainy days, it’s springtime in Austin! That means for many of you, it’s time for a deep cleaning of your home that probably includes your window treatments. We’ve discussed cleaning tips for Plantation Shutters and Roman Shades, and today we’ll be chatting about cleaning wood blinds.

Here are some helpful tips from ABC Blind & Drapery to help you keep your wood blinds looking shiny and new.

Vacuum Regularly

As we’ve discussed previously, one of the best ways to keep your window treatments clean is to vacuum them regularly and this certainly applies to wood blinds. In order to prevent build-up, use your vacuum extension with soft bristles to gently remove dirt weekly.

Wipe ‘Em Down Correctly

If you have white, wood blinds, chances are even with vacuuming, they’ll start to look dull and require a heavier cleaning. If you’re going to wipe down your wood blinds, make sure you use a lint-free cloth. Wipe one way across the slats instead of back and fourth. That way, you won’t spread the dirt around as much.

Avoid The Cords

Wood blinds are built to last a long time, but in some ways they are still delicate. When you wipe down your blinds, take care to avoid the cords. This means you need to wipe down your wood blinds gently.

Furniture Polish

You can use a furniture polish on your wood blinds to help repel dirt, dust and allergens. It’s best to apply the furniture polish after you clean your blinds. You don’t need to use much and it’s easier to spray the polish on a cloth or a sock, then gently wipe off the slats with it. You can also wipe off slats with fabric softener sheets to help repel dust.

Don’t Over-saturate Them

A big no-no when it comes to cleaning wood blinds is over-saturating them with water. Wood blinds are built to withstand some degree of moisture, but they certainly can’t be soaked with water. If you haven’t cleaned your wood blinds lately, chances are the first cleaning will take a while. Don’t get discouraged or frustrated and resort to immersing them in water.

Tools Built for the Job

There are lots of cleaning tools available to help you clean your wood blinds. If you take a quick look on Google, you can find a Microfiber Blind Duster, a Fuzzy Wuzzy Microfiber Blind Duster, and a Quickie Green Cleaning Duster just to name a few. All of these tools are built to help you more easily wipe down your wood blinds with a microfiber fabric.

Maintenance is the Key to Avoid Difficulty in Cleaning Wood Blinds

As we’ve mentioned before, the best thing you can do to avoid hours of cleaning wood blinds that have become grimey, is to clean them weekly. That way you can do a deep clean twice a year and the build-up won’t be nearly as bad.

Did you know? There are lots of home remedies and DIY tricks you can try to keep your wood blinds looking like new?!