Tableaux Decorative Grilles

When ABC was offered the opportunity to be a retailer of Tableaux products, we jumped at the chance. Ken McWilliams, the owner of ABC Blind and Drapery, actually has the decorative grilles in his own home. It only seems fair to offer these stunning products to our customers.

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Decorative grilles can serve a multitude of purposes and are perfect for addressing oddly-shaped arches, ceiling treatments, and spaces with transoms (a horizontal window above a door or beam). Because Tableaux products are problem-solvers, they are also custom-made. There are numerous patterns, designs and shapes to choose from or create, meaning the end result will fit perfectly with the style of your home. Whether you want them to seamlessly blend or act as the focal point of a room, we will make it happen.

There are two materials to choose from- faux iron and veneer. Designed to have the look of real iron or wood, they are crafted from sustainable & environmentally-friendly materials like recycled wood. These materials are water, rot, and termite-resistant and the only maintenance required is occasional cleaning. As you can see from the photos, the color and pattern of the grille can be selected depending on your personal style. There is something for every taste, whether it be formal or minimalist. You have the option to incorporate certain design aspects that you love, without overhauling your home’s decor. For instance, some decorative grilles will help you achieve a Tuscan villa look in your home, while other designs are modern and abstract.

Make It Your Own

When we browsed through the Tableaux project gallery, there was no doubt that the decorative grilles would compliment our window treatments beautifully. We encourage you to use your imagination, if you can dream it…we can do it!

All About Quality

As your order is being completed, ABC will contact you to schedule a convenient time for the installation.  Because we know people lead busy lives, an appointment will allow you to plan your schedule around the installation.  Prior to arriving at the installation location, our team double-checks your order to ensure it is complete and ready for installation.

With every installation, our team is committed to providing hassle-free, timely and professional services.  The average length of employment at ABC of our installers is 15 years, which is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

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