You’ve invested your design time and money into beautiful Roman Shades that accentuate your home décor perfectly. How do you keep them looking and working like new? The answer is proper maintenance and cleaning Roman Shades regularly.

Just like wood blinds and plantation shutters, Roman Shades collect dust, dirt and allergens too. Don’t let the fact that they’re made out of fabric intimidate you though, because cleaning certain types of fabric window coverings isn’t hard to do.

Cleaning Roman Shades
Today many Roman Shades are manufactured with high-quality washable fabrics, so you can gently wash them with ease using a mild soap and water. If you have Romans Shades that are embroidered, brocade or made from a delicate non-washable fabric, you may want to have them professionally cleaned.

Grab the Vacuum Cleaner
As we’ve discussed in our Cleaning Window Treatments series, the key to keeping window coverings looking their best is to clean them often. Ideally, every time you vacuum your home, you should also vacuum your Roman Shades. This can be done with a small attachment that has soft bristles. Gently vacuum your shades and pay special attention to the creases or fold where dust can collect.

When Dusting Works Best
If you have Roman Shades with decorative details like fringe trim or braided trim, or your shades are made from a natural fabric, opt for dusting instead of vacuuming. Use a cloth to wipe down your shades and loosen the dust. You can also use products like Endust that actually work as a dust repellent. If you use a product like this, spray it on the cloth, not directly on the shades.

Keep Odors Out of Roman Blinds
A big difference between cleaning blinds and shutters versus cleaning Roman Shades is fabric can trap odors. That’s why products like Febreze are ideal for keeping your Roman Shades fresh and free of household smells. This is particularly true if you have shades in the kitchen where you cook or in a living room where you use the chimney. A few sprays will eliminate odors and give your home a fresh clean smell.

Removing Stains
Before you remove a stain from your Roman Shades, it’s best to determine which kind of stain it is. Is it a greasy stain or a non-greasy stain? If you have a greasy stain that could be from a food splatter, the best way to treat it is with a laundry stain remover. (Think Spray ‘n’ Wash.) If it is a non-greasy stain, you should treat it with club soda and blot the stain out. Remember, the key to removing stains from fabric is to treat them quickly, so they don’t set.

Proactively Fight Stains
In you have Roman Shades in high traffic areas where stains are more likely to happen, check out products that work as a stain fighter like Scotchguard Fabric & Upholstery Protector. It’s a spray that repels liquids and blocks stains and it’s safe for delicate fabrics.

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