Blinds, shades and shutters always looks so pretty when they’re first installed, but after a while, they get dirty just like everything else. Since dingy looking window coverings may give you a case of the blues, we’ve decided to share some of our favorite tips for keeping them clean.

Manufacturers always include directions for cleaning, but we’ve scoured the Internet for tips, tricks and DIY “hacks” that can help you rediscover those perfectly crisp window coverings too.

Vinegar, Water & Old Socks
We found a popular homemade solution online for cleaning blinds that calls for equal parts vinegar and water. Mix the two in a bowl and use an old sock on your hands to protect them. Wipe down each individual slat and then use a second sock to dry them after your done. The sock is less bulky than a traditional cleaning rag, so it fits in between the slats easier!

White Lint-Free Washcloth
When it comes to cleaning cellular shades, always use a damp white lint-free cloth to make sure color doesn’t bleed onto your shades. You can use a gentle detergent or just warm water to wipe them down. You can gently scrub the shades to remove dirt and then you can vacuum them with the brush attachment to catch leftover dust and dirt particles.

Steam to The Rescue
We found a pinner on Pinterest who suggests gently steaming blinds clean. She removes her blinds from the window and hangs them up in her bathroom, which is full of steam. Then she wipes off the blinds with an absorbent towel. She says the steam loosens any grime, making it easy to simply wipe them clean.

Lambswool Duster
Our favorite home expert, HGTV, recommends using a lambswool duster to clean your window coverings. Most of these dusters have attachments, so they can reach up higher to clean larger windows. Lamb’s wool is soft and actually collects dust and dirt. When wiping off blinds, shutters or shades, brush downward only to avoid disturbing the slates. Take your duster outside (point it away from your face!) to shake off the dirt.

Don’t Soak ‘Em
Some online tips mention soaking blinds in the tub or fully submerging them in water. While it may sound like an easy solution, it’s not recommended, especially for wood blinds. You can wipe them off with a rag or a sponge, but due to the hardware, the mechanisms that make them work, don’t over-saturate them with water. Remember, you can always have them professionally cleaned if the task is too big or overwhelming for you to handle on your own.

Have a cleaning “hack” to share? How do you keep your window coverings looking like new?