6 Child- and Pet-Safe Window Treatments

pet cat sitting in window

If you have children (or pets!) at home, you know hanging cords can pose a risk to curious little explorers. Here are six of our favorite child and pet-friendly options for window treatments to make your windows safer:


The easiest way to make shades safe is to remove the cords altogether! These shades have no loose strings, making them a perfect option for anyone with young children. 


These coverings can be controlled from anywhere, making them a great option for those with unsupervised pets at home.


This sturdy option is stylish, easy to use, and completely cordless. If your windows are particularly close to the ground, use shutter magnets or another tool to keep the lower set tightly closed to protect your little one’s hands.

Vertical blinds with wand

These blinds are closed using a wand that hangs at the perfect height for adults, staying well out of the way of adventurous little hands.

Faux wood

This material is stronger than flimsy vinyl or aluminum, making it easier to stand up against your pet’s chewing or scratches.

Wide slats

This treatment gives your pet plenty of space to gaze outside while you’re away, making it less likely that a noise from outside will rile them up and have them scratching at the windows.

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