Every Texas homeowner knows of Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. A show based in Waco, Texas — the couple renovates homes for their clients — taking the homes from downright shabby to incredibly chic. While this often requires intense renovation projects and a complete decor overhaul, there are some aspects that can easily be integrated into your own home. If we were to use three words to describe Joanna and Magnolia Market’s style, they would be: character, inviting, and bright. Each space has a level of detail that speaks directly to the homeowner, there are no cookie-cutter replicas happening here. The homes are always cozy, yet put-together. And last but not least, Joanna knows how to utilize light in a way that draws the eye directly to the focal point of the room, whether that be a fireplace or beautiful hardwood floors.  In true ABC Blind and Drapery fashion, we’re drawing window treatment inspiration from Joanna Gaines and her brand, Magnolia Market. After all, window treatments can indeed give a space character, make it more inviting to family and friends, and help you take advantage of natural light.


An appropriate definition of character in this scenario is: “a set of qualities that make a place or thing different from other places or things.” In a home, we think of character as real wood floors or elegant crown molding. In our world, window treatments with character mean custom-made. It means having valances that tie everything together subtlety as in the photo above or incorporating a unique pattern into your drapery. In order to make a window treatment different from others, you have to come in to see what we have that no other window treatment store will!


A home that people feel comfortable to relax in — but not so comfortable that they would put their shoes on the couch — is a hard balance to strike. A welcoming home is well-kept, but not to the degree that it feels like a formal sitting room. In window treatment terms, this would disqualify fabrics that are especially heavy and ornate hardware. We’d recommend window treatments that allow natural light in (which works well for our third point) and are easy to operate. An inviting home is functional and window treatments that are difficult to open and close are not! When the guests are rolling in, let the sunshine stream in and when it’s time to wind down, close the draperies and get some rest!


When it comes to home decor, bright doesn’t necessarily have to mean white. But if you’d like to commit to white treatments — know that you can indeed have it all. It’s possible to combine a sheer drapery with a blackout lining, granting you complete light and privacy control. Otherwise, we have fabrics in a large array of color schemes, as well as natural woven shades that are Joanna approved!

Whether you’re a Fixer Upper fanatic, or wouldn’t describe your style as “inviting” or “bright” — we encourage you to imagine the possibilities and share your home decor inspirations with us!