Are you wanting to upgrade your home decor with the hottest summer trends of 2019? Look no further! At ABC Blind & Drapery, we make it a priority to keep up with the popular trends so that we can help you create the perfect look. In today’s blog, we’ve gathered four of the top summer trends of 2019 to share with you!

mixing patterns

Sticking to one pattern scheme is so last year – this year we’re mixing & matching complimentary summery patterns to help liven up your home this summer! We recommend choosing bright colors and bold patterns and prints to get into the full swing of the summer spirit – whether it’s pretty florals or bright cheery yellow, the options are endless! As long as it’s done right, mixing patterns can help bring a dull space to life this summer. One of the keys to mixing patterns is tying the room together with your window treatments. We suggest limiting the shades of color to three choices, and matching the rest of the space accordingly!

add some sunny yellow

No other color can take the cake for summer decor more than yellow! Whether it’s a soft pastel yellow, a bold citric yellow or a strong mustard tone, there is so much you can do when decorating with yellow for the summer. If you have a larger budget to work with and enjoy changing up your space frequently, then we recommend going bold with an accent wall or feature room like a bathroom or breakfast nook! If you’re planning on only adjusting your decor slightly each season, then we suggest sticking with minimal splashes of yellow such as changing out accessories like accent pillows or wall prints.

lighten things up

With summer comes more sunny hours of the day and brighter decor to boot. A consistent, never-goes-out-of-style summer trend is to lighten things up with your home decor in the summer. To start, we highly suggest upgrading your window treatments to something with a lighter, airier fabric, such as the sheer white summer draperies shown above. This allows you to let the natural light when wanted, while still allowing you to shut out the hot sun during the hottest parts of the day. Another way to lighten up your decor is through the use of white wood decor. White wood decor offers a refreshing, revitalizing energy to your home – making the space feel larger and brighter than it is. Lastly, a great way to lighten things up for the summer is with linen material! Linen is a timeless material that has grown in popularity recently thanks to it being made with a renewable resource (fibers of the flax plant) as well as it being a low-maintenance material to work with.

add splashes of color

Last but definitely not least, adding splashes of color to your home is all the rage this summer. A splash of color is a simple, yet effective way to bring the joy and feeling of summer to a space. Spice up your decor with some boldly patterned cushions, window treatments or maybe even a statement piece of furniture! No matter what you decide to update, adding a splash of color is sure to make your home more bright and cheery this summer.

Are you ready to add some of the hot summer trends to your home? Now’s the time! At ABC Blind and Drapery, we offer countless fabrics and patterns that will freshen up your home this summer, so if you’re looking to replace your window treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us today.