It’s common practice to draw home decor inspiration from the places you visit. Besides bringing back souvenirs to place around the home that remind us of a particular trip, we thought of a few ways to make your home feel like a vacation destination year-round!

the beach

Whether you’re outfitting a summer beach home, or wanting to bring the ocean to you, there are several options in terms of coastal inspired window treatments. If you want to keep it simple, opt for a soft blue and white palette throughout the rooms. The sandy color and texture of natural woven shades will complement a nautical theme nicely, while navy striped draperies may be a bolder choice.

the woods

For people who cite their ideal vacation as a trip to a secluded cabin in the woods — the goal is to bring that sense of calm and connection to nature into your home full-time. An easy first step is to bring in houseplants, followed by incorporating decor that consists of natural materials. A way to do that with your window treatments is by installing wood blinds or shutters, both of which are classic options that contribute character. We offer a variety of wood stains at ABC Blind & Drapery, making it easy to find the shade that speaks to you and ties all of your natural elements together.

the mountains

If you spend your winters where the snow blankets the ground and the air is crisp, bringing natural elements inside is also the way to bring your happy place home. The added element of a typical ski lodge is its coziness! While we surely don’t want to keep a fire going during a Texas summer – there are ways to bring the cozy and leave out the heat. We love the unique look of wooden shutter paired with a floor length drapery. See our take on this in person at our showroom!

the city

If you wish to incorporate the modern architecture and style of a bustling city into your home — outdated window treatments are the first thing that need to go! In 2017, modern window treatments are minimalistic in style and soft in color. We offer a wide range of drapery fabrics and colors, with the ability to customize hardware details such as rods.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re interior is lacking until you see it! We hope you’re feeling inspired to bring home a touch of your favorite travel destination!