Moving is a hassle, no matter if you’re moving to a new city or two streets over. When it’s time to unpack, your first priority is setting up things you need on a daily basis – like your bathroom toiletries and a place to sleep. Purchasing new decor and window treatments tend to be the last things on your to-do list, but we recommend that you move installing or hanging your window treatments up the list and here’s why.

Settling into a new space can often feel stressful and paying attention to the details can help you feel more at home. In fact, it is recommended that window treatments are the second purchase you make for a new home, after… nothing! Instead of rushing out to buy furnishings that aren’t actually a good fit for your space, take the time to walk-through and visualize the layout and potential color schemes. Then, purchase your window treatments accordingly. This should be your first purchase for three reasons: outfitting your windows with treatments not only grants you privacy within your home and blocks out light so that you can get a good night’s sleep, but they instantly make the walls seem less bare – helping you call the new space home.

Choosing window treatments for an empty home can seem overwhelming, but it’s all about asking the right questions. When assessing each room, ask yourself if you value privacy or light in the space. In most cases, the answer will be both! After all, in the bedroom, we prefer black-out window treatments when we’re sleeping and sheer window treatments to let the natural light in when we’re awake. At ABC Blind & Drapery, we offer solutions that allow for complete darkness but these treatments are easily pulled back to allow the maximum amount of light in.

We find that cellular, often referred to as top-down/bottom-up shades, and roller shades are ideal for bathrooms because they are simple, and allow for both privacy and light to stream in. This means you won’t have to solely rely on dull overhead lighting to get ready in the morning. Layered draperies are a great choice for bedrooms because the sheer liner gives a bit of privacy while still allowing natural light in and the heavier drapery can serve the dual purpose of adding design interest while completely blocking out sunlight when you’d like to sleep in. Shutters are a popular choice for kitchens from a design standpoint, but because of their optimal light control – you could really put them anywhere in a home. This Houzz article provides more information on how to choose the right window treatment for your home.

We urge new homebuyers to contact us (512-379-7372) sooner, rather than later. Our experts can help ease the transition and help you settle into your new space that much quicker!