Decorating your future child’s room can be a fun and exciting experience. One thing parents might not consider when decorating their child’s room is longevity. Throughout growing up, your child’s preference and style is going to change many times and while decorating is fun, it can become tiring (and expensive) replacing or changing the decor in your child’s room. So, when picking the window treatments for your child’s room, it’s important to think about the future and choose a window treatment that can adapt to whatever your child’s future style may be. With that in mind, we compiled a few window treatment options that are perfect for versatility!

Draperies & Hardware

The great thing about draperies is that you pretty much have endless options to choose from. At ABC Blind and Drapery, we have 20 different lines of fabrics and trims for any style you can imagine. The sky is the limit here, so get to dreaming. When designing your child’s room, you can pick a neutral or versatile drapery color and match that to whatever style you want to pick for the room. With so many options, you’re bound to find something that can last in your child’s room for a long time!

Wood Blinds

With wood blinds, you get a versatile window treatment that brings a natural accent to the room. Wood blinds can come in an array of colors and stains allowing them to enhance traditional or contemporary homes. They offer excellent thermal protection for your home, protecting it from the sun for years to come. Wood blinds lend character to any room and can complement whatever style you use to decorate your child’s room. If you’re trying to save a few dollars, ABC offers faux wood blinds as well!


If you’re looking for a classic window treatment that will match any room, look no further. Shutters are the perfect versatile window treatment for your child’s room because they offer durability and protection from the hot sun while providing an attractive and sleek look to the room. The best part? ABC can even custom match the color of the shutters to your color of choice.

Roller Shades

For those of you who are looking for a window treatment that is easy to operate for your kids— roller shades offer a dependable and stylish option that is easy to use. With almost endless options to choose from, you are able to personalize these shades to match whatever style you want. There are a variety of fabrics available that are light filtering or room darkening, allowing you to choose how much natural light you want to fill the room. ABC fabricates laminated room darkening roller shades in a number of really cute fabrics for both boys and girls. The room darkening tool can be a great way to help monitor your child’s sleep schedule and allows you to regulate their sleep better while also adding a special touch to your child’s room. And with the right choice of color, these roller shades can last throughout your kid’s whole childhood!

Hopefully, now you have an idea of some of the best options for window treatments that will last through every “phase” your child goes through. If you’re interested in looking for the perfect window treatment today, we’d love for you to contact us!