We are proud to be the window treatment store of choice for the Austin movie scene. As a viewer, we don’t often consider what goes into planning and designing a television or movie set. We either buy into the scene, or we don’t. If the set isn’t realistic, then it won’t matter how convincing the actor’s performance is. We know who is responsible for the hair, the make-up, and the costumes… but have you ever thought about who chose the curtains? Imagine you’re watching a period piece and the camera pans across the room and you catch sight of modern roller shades! You don’t have to be a drapery expert to know that matte gray motorized roller shades aren’t colonial era appropriate, but you probably wouldn’t know what custom treatment would be the best match. It’s a task best left to the experts.

ABC Blind and Drapery has been THE window treatment store for the Austin film industry since “Nadine” in 1987, a film based in the 1950’s starring Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger. Luckily, we weren’t just hired for our ability to bring the past to life and have been able to provide our services to a variety of projects over the years, although the game has changed. Where we were once able to work one on one with the set designer to determine the most appropriate window treatments for the location, we are now given precise orders to complete and the installation is left to the film crew. While we didn’t get into the drapery business for the promise of movie deals, it is pretty neat to be able to say we worked on Spy Kids: All the Time in the World!

Part of the reason we have these opportunities in the first place is due to Austin being a popular destination for filmmakers. From the varying landscapes in relatively close proximity, the (most of the time) enjoyable weather and creative community, Austin has made a name for itself in the film industry as a location option. Among ABC Blind and Drapery’s filmography is a NBC television series, Friday Night Lights, a favorite among locals. We provided our products to the show, which is all about high school football in a small Texas town that was actually neighboring Georgetown. We are currently providing window coverings for the HBO Series, The Leftovers. We consider this to be especially exciting because HBO is a network known for excellent production quality and this particular show is rather dark in nature, which spices things up for us! Needless to say, ABC Blind and Drapery is proud to be the chosen window treatment store when it comes to making high quality, and occasionally award worthy, products.