Homes and living spaces with gorgeous walls of windows are absolutely stunning. After all, the trend in new home construction has elevated the creative use of window placement to add an immediate “wow” factor.  Having the ability to capture natural light and let it organically illuminate up your home is wonderful, but sometimes you get too much light and perhaps you still need privacy.

How do you find a happy balance between allowing natural light and controlling it? Have no fear! At ABC Blind & Drapery, we’ve got lots of window covering ideas that allow natural light to make your home more beautiful.

Protection from Harsh Texas Rays

Living in Austin and the Texas Hill Country, you may have certain windows that allow too much light and sun. When it’s hovering at 100 degrees during the summer months, those harsh rays can actually damage your furniture and flooring.

Ideal window coverings that protect your home while allowing for natural light are products like our roller shades and solar screens. We have specialty fabrics and materials that not only look beautiful, but also block 65%, 80%, or 90% of damaging UV light.

Let it Glow
If you want to control the amount of natural light without eliminating it completely, custom drapes and products like woven window shades are ideal options.  Why? You can layer drapes to create a luxurious element in your home and they are flexible enough to move.  Plus, draperies allow a pretty glow of light, even when they are closed. You can also play with shapes and colors to accentuate your windows.

Other window covering ideas might include our natural wooden shades because they add an interesting textural component to your décor and they’re also light permeable. These shades are extremely popular in Austin because they allow natural light, give you privacy when you need it and they comes in a variety of options like tortoise, bamboo, grass cloths, matchstick, and ribcords. Perfect for rustic-inspired yet chic Texas homes.

Raise, Lower & Tilt

When it comes to window coverings that allow natural light with the ease of controlling it, shutters and wood blinds reign supreme.  Plantation shutters and wood blinds can be adjusted easily throughout the day to let in as much or as little light as you desire.

You can tilt slats on shutters and blinds so they align parallel with the floor for the maximum amount of light or raise your blinds completely. As the sun moves, you can tilt the slats to let less light. Plus, shutters and blinds typically offer a snug fit in the window frame, so unwanted light doesn’t sneak in. They’re also easy to clean and bright white shutters or blinds add a simple, modern twist to any décor.

At ABC Blind & Drapery, we love the beauty of natural light. Give us a call and our design experts will help you find the best solution for your windows and lifestyle.

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