Spring is here, which means it’s time for an end to the cold, grey weather we’ve been seeing so much of lately! Take the opportunity to dress up the exterior of your home by adding a splash of brightness and color with window boxes full of flowers and herbs! Here are a few tips to help you get started:  

Set up your window boxes

It’s important to choose your location and boxes carefully to ensure that your plants will grow to their full potential:

  • Pick windows that receive an appropriate (and equal!) amount of sun or shade, depending on the requirements for the plants that you select.
  • Ensure that the boxes are well-made and securely attached to the side of your house with brackets– they become heavy when filled! 
  • Choose a material that won’t rot or rust when exposed to moisture, and ensure that there are adequate holes for drainage

Pick the right plants

When it comes to selecting plants for your window boxes, remember the three key elements:

  • Thrillers: Standout plants that grab the eye and dictate the rest of the design
  • Spillers: Trailing plants that flow over the edges of the box to soften the look
  • Fillers: Understated plants that fill in blank spaces; can be greens or smaller flowers

Balance these three types of plants to fill your boxes with a mix of interesting visual and textural elements!

Consider your design

Finally, remember some basic principles of design to ensure that your boxes are creative, unique, and pleasing to the eye:

  • Keep it balanced: Your window boxes don’t necessarily have to be identical, but use similar shapes and colors to avoid a look that’s too jarring
  • Play with texture: Use a variety of flowers, greens, and herbs to create movement and contrast and avoid an appearance that’s too uniform
  • Use your surroundings: Keep the colors of your house, yard, and other environmental factors in mind when choosing plants to craft a window box that blends harmoniously with its surroundings

Looking for exterior window treatments that go with your brand new floral boxes? Give us a call at (512) 459-6561 to set up a consultation today!