The most exciting part of furnishing and decorating a home is allowing your creativity to come to life. Your decor should be a representation of your personality and your style. Austinites continue to visit ABC Blind & Drapery because they know it will spark new ideas and introduce options that they hadn’t thought of before. One of the unique products we carry also happens to be the most versatile. 

Tableaux Decorative Grilles are available in a multitude of materials, designs and finishes. However, it is their application that is seemingly limitless. Tableaux Decorative Grilles can be used in cabinetry, ceilings, doors, exteriors, pass-throughs, room dividers, transoms, wall décor, windows and in custom applications. 

Rather than pay to have a space that you find particularly lackluster completely redecorated or renovated,  Tableaux Decorative Grilles have the ability to instantly update and add interest to a space at an affordable price. And because custom application is an option and includes custom sizes, shapes, designs and finishes, Tableaux is perfect for any personal style — traditional, modern, or eclectic. These installations can act as the focal point of a room or add subtle detail, the choice is yours!

The faux iron grilles can be used both in place of or in addition to a traditional window treatment. It’s perfect both for a charming peek-through window in the kitchen and in a master bathroom window that is paired with natural woven shade for privacy.

An incredibly unique application of Tableaux Decorative Grilles is on the ceiling. In this case, it is designed around the inset lighting, making the home seem custom built.

Tableaux products that are intended for exterior use are moisture, rot and termite resistant — making it a detail you can easily add to your porch or patio. If you intend on spending a lot of time entertaining this summer, Tableaux products will undoubtedly turn your backyard into the designated spot.

If you’re interested in adding Tableaux Decorative Grilles in your home, contact us for a design consultation!