Choice of home decor reflects personal taste, from the style you pick to the colors you choose, a home is a representation of your personality. Our motto at ABC Blind & Drapery is to consider the possibilities, which means being prepared when our clients come across something they absolutely love. We’re continuously researching what’s new in the industry and what trends are expected to be big in the coming months. From our research, these are the upcoming home trends for 2019 that we predict will be popular!

mixed metal accents

Looking for a timeless way to decorate a space? Use two to three metal accents throughout the room to add definition and create a tasteful balance. A touch of gold or brass here and there is all you need. Metallics are huge right now –– from incorporating vintage lighting, to a full window of our Tableaux Decorative Grilles. We have seen a major increase in subtle and classy additions of mixed metal accents to one’s home, and predict this will only get more popular over time!

canopy beds

Photo from DecorPad

Canopy and four-poster beds are going to become increasingly popular throughout 2019. Nowadays, people are leaning towards design that brings comfort to them, and this style of bed gives your room just that type of feeling. A canopy bed creates the ultimate comforting oasis to retreat to after a long day. If you’re looking for the perfect relaxing canopy bed, we recommend considering the possibility of custom sheer draperies to give the room a light and whimsical feeling!


Passementerie is the use of elaborate trimmings such as tassels, fringes, ornamental cords, and more on items such as furniture or window treatments. At ABC, we offer an endless amount of drapery options that can come in multiple decorative fashions. This “less is more” stylistic choice and the fact that passementerie can be enjoyed for a long time, make this one of the hottest home trends for 2019! Use vibrant colors or unusual shapes of passementerie in your home’s design and you’re sure to have one of the trendiest homes in your neighborhood!

statement features

orange color palette for fitness area

Statement features such as custom ceilings or wallpaper are all the rage right now and will continue to show up in homes throughout 2019. People are focusing more on attention to detail, adding interesting prints and textures that offer a splash of color or pizzazz to a space. Think paint, printed or textured wallpaper, floral patterns, wood beams and more – everything is fair game this year!

concrete accents

Photo from HGTV

Concrete accents are going to be a huge player in upcoming home trends for 2019! Concrete accents provide a crisp, clean look that is easy to pair with other materials to complement the space. Looking for the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your home? We recommend geometric concrete tiles to add some flair and style to a room such as a kitchen or dining area.

70’s chic

2019 is expected to incorporate many design trends from the 70’s era, such as velvet and geometric patterns. 70’s chic decor is all about vintage lighting, unique patterns and textures, and warm, bold color palettes such as rich jewel tones or moody blues. To add a splash of personality to your space, we recommend pairing customized patterned window treatments with accent pillows or a plush rug – you’ll be surprised how quickly it ties the room together!

Whether you’re intentionally following the upcoming home trends for 2019 or just going with what fits your personal style, ABC Blind & Drapery has countless options of window treatments to fit your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Modern or 70’s chic, rich jewel tones or moody blues, we’re ready for 2019!