Our choice of home decor reflects our personal taste, from the style we pick to the colors we choose, a home is a representation of our personality. Our motto at ABC Blind & Drapery is to consider the possibilities, which means being prepared when our clients come across something they absolutely love. We’re continuously researching what’s new in the industry and what trends are expected to be big in the coming months. From our research, these are the upcoming home trends we predict will be popular in 2018.

rich, bold colors

While in the past, people have chosen to play it safe with their color scheme, a new trend we are finding increasingly prevalent is incorporating bold colors. Whether it’s a bold blue statement wall, or bright orange accent pillows, bold colors can really make a room pop. Pair your bold wall with some customized patterned window treatments or pillows, and you’ll be surprised how quickly it ties your room together.

millennial pink

To go along with the bold colors theme, we’ve noticed that “Millennial Pink” is emerging as the new subtle complementary color chosen by many. Are you worried the dark berry color you chose is too much for the room? Pair it with some soft millennial pink accents, and ta-da! Your room is now the perfect mix of a rich bold color and a soft calming color.

wood decor

Unsurprisingly, natural decor is still a strong home trend we see, and its popularity is only rising. Using weathered woods is one way to create a vintage, natural feel to a room. It can be as simple as wood table decor, or we’ve seen it as extensive as walls with detailed wood. People are getting more and more creative with natural wood decor, who knows what people will have come up with by the end of next year!


A touch of gold or bronze here and there is all you need. Metallics are huge right now  –– from incorporating vintage brass lighting, to a full window of our Tableaux Decorative Grilles. We have seen a major increase in subtle and classy additions of metallics to one’s home, and predict this will only get more popular throughout 2018!


Who doesn’t love to walk into a room and see beautiful vibrant plants? Greenery as home decor is rapidly increasing, and we’ve seen people go as far as installing an entire wall of greenery in their homes. This trend gives your home a natural feel –– and people are loving it! Whether it’s as simple as buying a few plants and placing them around your room or going all the way and creating a plant wall, greenery is the perfect home decor for any nature lover.

black and white

Last but not least, black and white paired together is once again predicted to stay a trend in the upcoming year. If you’re looking for a safe bet, this trend is timeless and classic! You can dress up a room with patterned black and white window treatments and add a statement white fur rug to complete this modern style.

Whether you’re intentionally following the trends or just going with what fits your personal style, ABC Blind & Drapery has countless options of window treatments to fit your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Modern or traditional, bold colors or black and white, we’re ready for 2018!