Special thanks to Debra Dunham, a former ABC Blind & Drapery designer of 15 years, who came out of retirement to give current designers Britt and Kelly a special class in custom draperies.  We’re inviting you to listen in on their class!  This is the seventh and last video in this series.

Types of window treatments depend on the window.

Some of the older homes in Austin may have original windows that are of a more unusual style.  Learn which types of window treatments are best suited for different types of windows.


Speaker 1: A lot of windows that are still in some of the older books, it just goes over what a double hung window is, what a casement window is, angled windows, arch tops, bay windows. Types of window treatments depend on the window. One thing that I did see in here is something I don’t see anymore, anywhere. The jalousie windows. Haven’t seen one in years. Have y’all?

Speaker 2: Are you talking about the crank out?

Speaker 1: Yeah.

types of window treatments - Jalousie

Speaker 2: Yeah, there’s still some around. There’s still some around [crosstalk 00:00:32]

Speaker 1: Well, there’s some still in Central Austin too, because I drive by them,

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: This is a jalousie window. [crosstalk 00:00:42] They’re individual louvers of glass.

Speaker 2: I rarely see those.

Speaker 1: I rarely see them too. Most people have replaced these windows, because they are so far from energy efficient it’s unbelievable, but there’re still some of the older homes in Austin that they want to keep historical to the original building, and so these more often than not are going to require a drape.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 1: This is a type drape where we want to really insulate, so we may go in with two linings. An inner lining, what’s called a blackout lining.