Two story window treatments can be a challenge. One of the signature features of a Texas home is an open floor plan that allows for lots of natural light and beautiful views. We have customers with walls of windows that span from the floor to the ceiling. Of course, it looks stunning, but what are the best options for window coverings?

At ABC Blind & Drapery, we have wonderful ideas for two story window treatments that will give your home the functionality and style you desire. Whether you need window coverings for light filtering or room darkening or both, we have numerous custom window coverings for two-story windows.

custom draperies as two story window treatments

A beautiful option for two-story windows is accentuating them with custom draperies. In this case, the panels extend from the top of the tallest window all the way down to the floor under the lowest window. This long dramatic look is perfect for Austin homes because it adds a modern twist to a traditional look, while filtering light to keep harsh rays out. You can open and close these draperies just as you would shorter draperies. They can even be motorized!

the detail in the draperies

In homes where we use custom drapes as a two story window treatment, we will evaluate your needs to determine the best design and hardware. For example, if you choose a heavy fabric, we will help you find a decorative traverse rod that not only looks good with your décor, but is large enough to hold the weight of the draperies. We can also help you determine the correct pleating for your drapes to make sure they look balanced. From the scale of the draperies to the height of your room, we’ll take everything into consideration to make sure the end result is perfect.

draperies with valances

Another option for two-story windows is to treat the top windows with custom valances that provides some degree of cover for the top window, so the fabric treatment helps to control light and privacy even when the draperies are fully opened. Valences can be cut in interesting shapes to accentuate your interior space.

plantation shutters

Depending on the amount of light or heat that enters your windows, you may need more substantial window coverings. Plantation shutters are a popular choice in Austin because they look contemporary and stylish while providing protection from the hot Texas sun. Many customers position their shutters on the top window partially open to allow for muted light and they adjust the bottom shutters throughout the day – the top shutters remain static.

roman shades

Roman shades are a popular option for two story window treatments because you get the functionality of blinds and shutters with the softness of a drapery. Roman shades can also be built with top-down, bottom-up functionality, so homeowners can fully utilize the top windows with as much ease as the bottom windows.They can also be motorized for added convenience and control.

No matter which room (or rooms!) it may be or how many windows you have, at ABC Blind & Drapery we have plenty of options to make sure your two-story windows are functional and stylish for many years to come.