Selling a home can be an overwhelming process for numerous reasons, but there are tasks you can complete early on that will help your house sell faster on the market. Small aspects of a house can be overlooked if you’re not careful, and they can affect the marketability of your home. Below are some of the components people notice when looking at a house for sale!


Establishing a sense of coordination in your home is important on multiple accounts. It’s best to paint your entire home a neutral color so that it’s uniform as well as avoiding the chance that the color offsets someone’s opinion of the house. Using a neutral color allows the potential buyer to envision what they would do with the room and how they could add their own personality to the home. Another concern to consider is your window treatments. While most people match the window treatments in each room, a lot of people forget to consider how they will look from the outside of the home. When choosing your window treatment, be sure to consider how it will look on the inside and the outside.

curb appeal

While you may think the inside matters the most, it’s necessary to keep in mind that the front exterior of your house is the first part people see. This first impression can have more of an impact than you may think, so you’ll want to make any touch ups or repairs necessary and should consider repainting the front door if it’s looking a little faded. On top of any repairs that you make, you also can’t forget about lawn care. While this may be a given to some of you, we don’t just mean mowing the lawn. Hire a landscaper, hedge those bushes that have been growing too large, trim the weeds on the sidewalk, etc. Do whatever you need to do so that your front yard is the yard of their dreams.


The way someone perceives your house plays a huge part in their decision. These are the factors they remember without even realizing they’d taken note of them. So, adding life to the home is crucial. This can easily be done by placing real flowers or plants around the home to give it a fresh and inviting atmosphere or placing subtle air fresheners in each room to provide a pleasant aroma in the home. You’ll also want to consider upgrading the lighting in your home. Is the lighting in a particular room bad or dull? Upgrading the lighting in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen can make the home more attractive to the potential buyer.

clean clean clean!

We don’t just mean keep the house clean and tidy (which you should do), but you also need to get rid of stuff. If your home is too cluttered, it’ll make people think the house is smaller than it is which will inhibit their decision. Additionally, removing personal items is a good idea because similar to the neutral paint, it allows the potential buyer to visualize how they would use the space if they lived there. Lastly, those little repairs you’ve put off making like the broken tile in the kitchen or the messed up screen door on the back porch? It’s time to fix them. While fixing the little things may seem unnecessary, people notice more than you think and the little things can add up to become a big deal breaker if you aren’t careful.

Now that we’ve given you some tips, it’s time to get to work! We hope this blog offers you guidance when preparing to sell your home, and if you decide to replace your window treatments before selling, we’d love if you’d consider the possibilities with ABC Blind & Drapery.