Are you looking for the perfect exterior window coverings for your home? With so many options on the market for outdoor shade, it should be easy to find one that covers all your needs such as your budget, privacy desires, blocking out the sun, blocking out the rain and more. There is so much information out there that it can be confusing and overwhelming for the average consumer to be confident in their choice. Whether you’re looking for a new set of covers or plan on replacing your old ones, we hope that this article will lead you to the right purchase.


Retractable Awnings awning and pool

Love the way your patio looks as is, but in need of some extra shade? Retractable awnings are a great investment that help protect outdoor furniture and surprisingly, indoor furniture as well. Over time, awnings can save you a lot of money due to the shade they provide to the interior of the house by blocking sunlight from penetrating windows. If you are already in love with the look of your patio, retractable awnings are perfect for you because they can roll up to be practically undetectable, leaving the look you love uninterrupted.


pergotenda cozy spot Exterior Roller Solar Screens

If you’re looking to protect your patio, porch, or your windows from heat and wind for an affordable price, exterior roller solar screens are the way to go. These coverings can be placed on the exterior of a patio area to provide you with shade outdoors or they can be installed directly over your windows for shade in your home. With up to 95% UV protection, you can protect yourself when you’re outdoors enjoying the hottest of summer days or protect the interior of your home from sun exposure. The majority of exterior roller screens are spring or remotely operated, making them conveniently easy to set up and retract.


Corradi Outdoor Living Spaces pergotenda

The Corradi Group designs and creates the most modern custom-made solutions for year-round enjoyment of the outdoors. Corradi provides the opportunity to transform outdoor land into elegant and welcoming hangout spots. From light and airy outdoor areas to more industrial style shaded spaces, Corradi is the best option for consumers who want to create an entirely new outdoor room in their backyard.    

window treatments External Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are similar to exterior roller solar screens in regard to protecting against sunlight and preventing overheating. What is different is that these exterior shades are that they are better suited for people who desire to block all sunlight from entering their home or a specific area, rather than people who desire a retractable solution for shade. Venetian blinds are flexible in terms of glare protection since they can control the density of daylight. They are normally fitted to windows with 100% UV ray block out and are motorized for convenience.

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