Thanksgiving is almost upon us and we’re thinking about doing something a little different this year – Thanksgiving table setting ideas! We all have our standard dining room table set-up when we have company, but the holidays call for something special. We’ve rounded up our favorite tips from lifestyle bloggers to create a space that is bound to be the talk of the table.

creative center piece arrangements

Sometimes space is an issue with extended family and an abundance of food to find space for. Stacy Risenmay, the blogger behind Not Just a Housewife, went simple (and free!) by searching for fall leaves and acorns to decorate her table. Granted, Austin doesn’t have a large supply of either – so we’ll settle for fresh flowers. If you want to get creative with your arrangement, above is a beautiful example using an artichoke! Think of setting the table as an opportunity to exercise your creativity and add a personal touch.

layer what you love

If you enjoy planning more than creating, Rough Luxe has supplied all of the Thanksgiving table setting inspiration you’ll ever need. She is seriously the ultimate tablescape designer! The key is to find a table runner you love and to coordinate your plates, bowls, cutlery and napkins to match. If there is a lot going on for your centerpiece, then opt for classic white dining ware and napkins that compliment the color scheme.

keep it simple

Jillian Harris put it best, “You don’t need to go all out if you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. Your friends will love you all the same!” With that in mind, use what you have and do it from the heart. An assortment of non-matching chairs and pumpkins with string lights and vases repurposed as centerpieces look especially great when you’re surrounded by loved ones.

We’d love to hear how you plan on decorating your dining room table for Thanksgiving, from the pattern of your table runner to the centerpiece you design, we can only imagine the possibilities!