6 Window Treatments that Can Help Lower Your Energy Bills

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As Texans, we know better than anyone just how hot summers can get! Here at ABC, we offer a variety of window treatments that will fit your personal taste and take your windows to the next level– but did you know that the right one can also help you save money? Read on for some information on our favorite window solutions and how they can lower your energy bill if used effectively:


The simplest and most effective way to save energy is by installing shades. If properly mounted close to the window and adjacent wall, shades create a seal that traps hot air and prevents heat loss and gain. Opting for a dual sided shade with a darker and lighter side will also increase functionality, allowing you to flip the shades to retain or dispel heat as the weather changes. This treatment is incredibly versatile overall: shades come in a variety of colors, sizes, and fabrics.


Reflective blinds, especially those that are white or another light color, have been proven to reduce solar heat gain. This option is effective for both the interiors and exterior of your home. Blinds allow you to be flexible with light, ventilation, and privacy.


Drapes, like shades, can be incredibly effective at retaining and dispelling heat if mounted properly. The material and color of your fabric will play a key role in keeping warm air in during the winter and out during the summer.

Awnings & Roof Overhangs

Awnings and roof overhangs are both great choices to elevate your backyard space and beat the heat during the summer months! These options are proven to significantly reduce solar heat, while also trapping heat during the winter. This action helps warm the interior of your home. Work with a professional to determine which option is right for your house.

High Reflectivity Film

If you live in an area with short winters, high reflectivity film can be a great solution for large windows! This reflective covering keeps heat out of your home all year long, especially when using an option that is more opaque and mirror-like. 

Mesh Screens

Though it may seem unlikely, mesh screens actually work to dispel heat by diffusing solar radiation. This option is best used on exteriors, and is a great choice for any large windows or glass doors that receive lots of light.

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