Seasonal cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite activity, but it’s a necessary chore for homeowners. For this year’s annual spring cleaning, get outside! Instead of spending time holed up in your closet, color-coding and reorganizing, turn your attention to the exterior of your home. We’ve rounded up four tasks that will greatly impact your home’s curb appeal.

matching window treatments

Most homeowners choose a window treatment based on which option gives them control over privacy and the amount of light coming in. They don’t necessarily consider how differing window treatments in each room affect how the home looks from the outside. However, according to this Houzz poll— most people think matching window treatments throughout increase a home’s curb appeal.

The type of window treatment is up to you, perhaps you like the look of wood blinds throughout or are intrigued by the idea of differing drapery with the same color lining to tie everything together from the outside. The choice is yours, just keep in mind how it will look from the inside and the outside.

clean the windows

This is the cheapest and easiest of solutions. Plus, you’ll notice the benefit on the inside as well! You’ll be surprised at how much light has been blocked out by grit and how giving them a proper wash enhances curb appeal. Here is a short video from Real Simple on the best way to clean windows (including the frame).

grab the paint

This task is inexpensive and not as intimidating as it sounds. Take a drive around your neighborhood and notice what catches your eye. Are you drawn to different color doors or bright white trim? Here are 28 inviting colors to paint a front door to give you some inspiration! If you’re happy with your current color choices, they may benefit from a good scrub and a fresh coat of paint.

lawn care

This one comes as no surprise, as a neat lawn is often the first thing people notice about a home. There’s no need to completely overhaul your landscape — unless your goal is to win Yard of the Month. The goal is green grass, a few easy to care for flowers, and hedges that don’t threaten to take over the house. Here is a helpful guide from The Natural Gardener on how to maintain your garden in March in Austin, Texas!

Use spring cleaning as an excuse to give your home a bit of an exterior makeover and get the family outside to enjoy this not too hot Texas weather!