Looking to bring some southwestern charm into your home? We’ve got you covered. From traditional decorative accents to earthy color tones, and everything in between. We’ve compiled southwestern home decor ideas that will create a warm and inviting home ambiance. Enjoy!

decorative accents

Incorporating metals such as wrought iron into your home decor will help highlight 18th and 19th Century Southwestern styles. With Tableaux Decorative Grilles, you can highlight a unique window or space in your home while simultaneously incorporating southwestern design. In addition to wrought iron as a traditional decorative accent, add pottery pieces and animal skins. For an animal-friendly alternative, WayFair offers great faux fur rugs in various styles and colors. With hand-painted pottery pieces, you can add a pop of color and highlight Native American and Spanish styles.

furniture & window treatments

The rustic southwestern charm can be achieved by pairing rich leathers with wood elements and other organic materials. Leather furniture is a great option, but feel free to mix wood furniture finishes as well. A blend of materials is part of the Southwestern beauty, after all. To further enhance organic elements and add character to your home, consider wood window treatments. Our interior shutters in premium hardwood provide durability and attractive and long-lasting protection from the Texas sun.

color scheme

Give your interior space an earthy and natural look by creating an earth-toned color palette. Subtle browns, greens, red and sandy tones work well with rustic wood, leather, and wrought iron accents. For inspiration, take color cues from elements found in nature such as sunsets, desert plants, and mountain valleys. You can incorporate the natural color scheme through furniture, southwestern home decor or flooring. Consider terracotta tiles or light wood flooring with a dusty orange or adobe red wall color to achieve a warm look in the room.

outdoor area

Create an outdoor space that coordinates with your interior decor while still providing you comfort. If you’re in Texas like us, then you’re familiar with hot summer temperatures all too well. Our exterior mounted solar screens block harmful UV rays and come in neutral tones to coordinate with the southwestern home decor style. Potted plants like cacti, succulents, and hibiscus make for great southwest accents and are well suited to dry temperatures. Lastly, integrate sand or gravel areas to tie your southwestern outdoor space together perfectly.

The Southwestern style is a popular decor trend due to its ability to add personality, cultural history and style all in one. The opportunities for creativity are truly endless. Feeling inspired yet? If you’re interested in southwestern style window treatments or a wrought iron accent such as Tableaux Decorative Grilles, we’d love if you’d consider the possibilities with us at ABC Blind & Drapery.