ABC Blind and Drapery has been in business since 1947 and we have worked with our fair share of Austinites over the years. We’ve had the opportunity to provide draperies for locals all over the city, movie and television sets like Friday Night Lights, institutions of higher education like Austin Community College, the University of Texas, Concordia and St. Edwards, over 70 Chuy’s Tex-Mex locations and most recently, the Kirby Hall School.

The Kirby Hall building was built in 1924 and opened as one of the first dormitories for women at the University of Texas at 306 West 29th Street. The building became what it is today, the Kirby Hall School, in 1978. Their mission is “to prepare bright and kind young people for a life of academic success, personal fulfillment, satisfaction and service to their community be it at the local, national, or global level.” As a college preparatory school serving pre-k through 12th grade, the Kirby Hall School serves many in the Austin community.

Our window treatments are custom made, whether they are for a residential or commercial project. We are passionate about our line of work and truly believe that a well-designed window treatment can potentially transform a space. For this particular project, we outfitted one of Kirby Hall School’s larger rooms with motorized shades. The money for the project was generously donated by one of the school’s members. The process is very similar to outfitting a residence, just on a larger scale. We worked with a representative to select which type of window treatment would best serve the space. Once the dimensions, type of window treatment, material, color and operation were decided upon, we then went to work. One of our team members scheduled a time to visit the Kirby Hall School for installation and to demonstrate how to operate the motorized aspect of the shade.

It was an honor to work with such a longstanding institution and we hope that the Kirby Hall School, and its ABC Blind & Drapery motorized shade, continue to serve the community for years to come!