What are roller shades?


Roller shades feature a single panel of fabric that rolls up discreetly into its own casing. We recommend them to homeowners that enjoy the look of their home without window coverings, but are looking for something that can provide temporary privacy. They are nearly undetectable when not in use, and for that reason, roller shades like the Nano Roll are loved by homeowners for their clean appearance, versatility and premium style.


Why custom roller shades are best


When installing roller shades to your home or office, standard blinds rarely get the job done right. With ABC’s custom blinds, every product is crafted to meet your needs. Some of today’s most common window varieties include double-hung, picture, and sliding windows, which means installing custom shades will ensure the right fit for your unique space. At ABC Blinds & Drapery, our seasoned design experts study your home, your taste, and your needs to help you achieve the home interior of your dreams. 


Enhancing your outdoor patio with solar screens


Outdoor solar screens are the go-to choice for exterior spaces to help block ultraviolet (UV) rays and control incoming light. ABC’s exterior roller shades and solar screens allow soft, filtered light into your outdoor living spaces and your home. We offer our exterior window coverings in a variety of UV blockage levels and color selections that are sure to coordinate with any home exterior. Get ready for your Texas summer with ABC’s custom exterior solar screens.

The benefits of blackout roller shades


Blackout roller shades work best when it comes to controlling the amount of light that enters your space. Whether it be to extend your morning slumber or to better maintain a constant temperature inside your home year-round, blackout blinds can create a completely dark environment for restful sleep and are an energy-efficient way of cooling your space. They provide a great room-darkening effect and ensure that your space has complete privacy. Blackout blinds are a great fit for bedrooms and nurseries, allowing restful sleep at any time of the day or night – or for an in-home theater, to give you the perfect full big-screen experience.


Motorized Blinds


With every custom designed roller shade from ABC, motorization is available and recommended. Stay tuned for our next blog that will feature more details about motorized blinds.