Stage Curtains

Most stage curtains are made the same way as 100 years ago. Our stage draperies are designed with unique features to eliminate problem areas and provide beautiful curtains for years of service.

Triple Untearable Top Hem: A layer of virtually untearable flame-resistant Herculite 80 vinyl-coated polyester, a layer of waterproof plasticized 10-oz. buckram, and a third layer of curtain fabric.

Round Pleats: Pleats are made on-site by putting an S-hook through 2 grommets. Same size pleats, same fullness, but round from top to bottom. Quite a difference in appearance!

No Chain In Bottom Hem: Our stage curtain hems have individual galvanized metallic weights, each inside an individual welded pocket in a continuous strip inside the bottom hem. No rusting – no corroding – no wrinkles – no problem in stacking – no flattening out of the pleat – and no wearing through the hem.

Track: Options include cord-operated, walk-draw, or electrically operated, straight or curved, chain-suspended or ceiling mounted..

Accessories: Different styles of chenille/felt letters for the valance and 6″ bullion fringe in colors, to accent valances. Custom emblems, logos, and lettering styles can be ordered.