Silhouette Blinds

There is only one window treatment that affords you so much control over light as Silhouette blinds. Just as you would style a room with quality furniture and art, Silhouette shadings let you style a room with the planet’s most abundant design element; sunlight.

Featuring fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric facings, Silhouette blinds give you total light control and privacy and allow you to create an endless variety of moods. Just tilt the vanes to let in the precise amount of light you desire. Another outstanding feature is the disappearance of the shade when fully raised, resulting in an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Fully opened the vanes appear to float with no visible cords to interrupt your view or limit the light. Fully closed the shadings shut out the view and dim the light.

Silhouette blinds come in the following two vane sizes: traditional two-inch or a bolder three-inch vane offering superior view-through. Fabric choices range from semi-sheer to light dimming, in a seemingly endless range of colors.