Any homeowner with pets knows that with your new best friend comes a number of things to be considered, and certain sacrifices to be made. Whether you own a cat or a dog, you have to ask yourself, “can they get into this?” or something along those lines before bringing any new pets into your home. For example, you tend to stop placing breakables at tail wagging level and you come to expect your cat to explore areas that are supposed to be off-limits. Child-proof is a well-known term, but what about pet-proof? American Humane actually has a guide that helps you make each room in your home a safe place for your companion. We specifically want to focus on pet-proof window treatments and help you select draperies, blinds or shades that can handle a little mischief while still keeping your pets safe. Here are some things to consider when selecting pet-proof window treatments.


The first thing to take note of is if the fabric is machine washable or easy to clean. It’s best to choose a material that not only hides animal fur well and deters climbing, but something that can stand frequent vacuuming. Also, double check that the rod is installed correctly. You don’t want it to come crashing down if a cat decides to climb. This also explains why we recommend sill length drapery. If you prefer floor length, ensure there is no excess at the bottom for a well-intentioned dog to sit on and pull down.


Mini blinds tend to be a nightmare with pets because both cats and dogs will do whatever it takes to get a view of the outside. This often results in bent or broken mini blinds and a frustrated pet owner. Opt for larger blinds made of wood or faux wood and just to be safe, raise them up a bit for your pets’ optimal viewing pleasure. To avoid having a tangle of cords to tempt any curious pets, we offer braided style strings or decorative cloth-tapes.


Several of our shades such as our natural woven shades, roller shades, and roman shades are all available cordless and motorized. This eliminates the tangle of cord issue and allows you to simply raise and lower as you (or your pet) wishes. Our natural woven shades may attract a chewer, but our fabric shades are offered in a variety of fabrics for easy cleaning and patterns for pet hair camouflage.

Pets are additions to our family and even though they can be a handful, most of us wouldn’t have it any other way. With a little precaution, you are most certainly able to have beautiful pet-proof window treatments for the whole family to enjoy.