Pets bring so much joy into our home but often a bit of destruction too. It’s no secret that cats like to climb and dogs like to chew, making it difficult to decorate your home interior. With our pet-friendly home decor ideas, you can enjoy the comfort of your home with your furry friends without sacrificing style.


When choosing furniture, it’s important to consider your pet’s habits. If your dog is a chewer, consider metal or chrome material furniture instead of wood. Protect your furniture and your pets by choosing a round coffee table that doesn’t have sharp edges to bump into during playtime and a slip-proof rug that will stay in place. In addition, choosing fur-toned fabrics can help camouflage the accidental stains or cumulated pet hairs. Leather is a great option as well because it’s easy to clean, durable and still gives your furniture a beautiful worn appearance.  


Being able to easily machine-wash after your pets is easy and convenient, which is why we recommend going for tile, stone or painted ceramic flooring. If you don’t like the idea of a bare floor, you can always style your floor with a rug. A rug can keep your hardwood floors from getting scratched and can easily be thrown in the washer if any accidents are to occur when you’re not looking.

color scheme

Dirty paws, pet drool, and pet hair are all reasons why going for white decor is not a good idea. Instead of solid, light colors where pet stains will easily be visible, choose darker earth tones or multicolor patterns. Additionally, matching the color of your rugs to the color of your pet’s fur can further mask your pet’s hair.

window treatments

Pets are curious by nature which can often lead to chewed on or climbed on window treatments. Roman shades and roller shades come in a wide array of decorative fabrics and patterns beneficial for camouflaging pet hair. These window treatments can easily be kept out of reach, keeping them from getting ruined or causing harm to your pet. To prevent hanging cords from becoming your pets toy and a choking hazard, roman and roller shades come in cordless and motorized options, keeping your window treatments and your pets safe.   

Whether you have a dog or cat (or maybe both), you don’t have to compromise your sense of style in order to accommodate your furry loved ones. By incorporating your pets into your decorating decisions you can enjoy a beautiful pet-friendly home. To learn more about ways to pet-proof your home, American Humane offers a guide to help keep your loved ones safe. If you’re ready to start decorating, contact us to schedule an in-home or showroom appointment with a designer who will help you explore our most pet-friendly window treatments.