At ABC Blind & Drapery, we spend the majority of our time sharing tips on treating your typical single and double pane windows, but we do have other options that may be the solution you have been searching for. French doors, sliding glass doors, sunrooms, and patio doors can be particularly difficult to outfit. The solutions we suggest are not only functional, but they look pretty sleek too!

french windows

First and foremost, window treatments for French doors should not limit the function of the door. Thick wood blinds that catch in the door handle are not an acceptable solution. To avoid this issue, the solution is to choose shallow blinds that allow for room between the glass and the handle. Because the glass in a French door is not inset, it also requires a window treatment that can be mounted to the exterior of the window. The bottom of the window treatment also needs to be held in place by brackets to stop it from slamming up against the window or getting caught in the door when opening and closing. With these three factors in mind, our recommendations include 1” wood blinds, roller shades, and natural woven shades. We are also able to outfit shutters specifically for French doors to ensure the door handle is clear of obstruction.

sliding glass doors

If you have sliding glass doors leading to your patio, we want you to know that vertical blinds aren’t your only option. The beauty of working with ABC Blind & Drapery is that if you have your heart set on drapery, we can design and install a rod perfectly fitted for your space. We also guarantee that the window treatment (and door) will open and close with ease. Solar screens can also be outfitted specifically for your patio doors. An added bonus of opting for solar screens is that the UV ray protection will reduce your energy consumption and actually qualify you for a rebate through the Austin Energy Program

solar screens

Solar screens are also great options for sunrooms because they block dangerous UV rays while still allowing light in. We carry solar screens for exterior mounting in four different colors and they are quite easy to attach and remove from the window frame. If you’re someone who takes their outdoor space seriously, we suggest taking a look at our Corradi Outdoor Living Space products. Beyond exterior screens that have the capability of transforming an outdoor space into what seems like another room of your home, there are also pergotendas and awnings that warrant a second look.

These patio window treatments will help you enjoy your home year-round!