Let’s talk Chuy’s Tex-Mex. If you’ve never been to a Chuy’s location, the initial idea was to create a fun and funky Tex-Mex restaurant that served authentic and fresh food in an atmosphere that appealed to everyone. This may seem like an off-topic blog for a company that provides window treatments, but we have more in common with the now-national restaurant brand than you might think.

The original Chuy’s started in 1982 in Austin, Texas. We opened our doors in Austin in 1947. However, being a long-standing business in Austin isn’t the only thing we have in common. Our products are often customized for the individual, making each window treatment unique, including the two-inch Venetian blinds with cotton tapes that we design specifically for Chuy’s, but our quality stays consistent no matter the project. Each and every Chuy’s location is unique, as founders Mike Young and John Zapp like to say, “If you’ve seen one Chuy’s, you’ve seen one Chuy’s.” Although, there are consistencies, like their “Elvis Shrine,” which is in every location. As the story goes, it started off as a velvet Elvis painting that was bought for $10 in 1982 to cover a wall.  It has grown into far more than simple wall coverings. Chuy’s now celebrates Elvis’s birthday and creates an original shrine in each store to commemorate him. We commend Mike and John for stretching their imaginations, or should we say, ‘considering the possibilities.’

What has connected Chuy’s Tex-Mex and ABC Blind & Drapery since 1984 is technically a business partnership, but we think it’s more than that. We’ve provided the window treatments for the 83 open locations and Chuy’s keeps things interesting. According to Chuy’s Design Manager, Scot Aubuchon, Chuy’s continues to work with ABC Blind & Drapery because of our ability to meet their needs both in the products and services department. We have provided window treatments, usually two-inch Venetian blinds or sheerweave roller shades, to their original location on Barton Springs and beyond. As Chuy’s locations continue to expand from the Rocky Mountains to the east, their style continues to evolve. The plan is to keep reinventing the original Chuy’s style by trying new finishes and architectural looks. Regardless of what quirky decor covers the walls, Chuy’s Tex-Mex will always hold true to their roots and homemade food, deep in the heart of Tex-Mex!

Chuy’s has a unique look that fits perfectly with our city’s unofficial motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” The relaxed dining is what people seek out after being in stuffy offices and work environments all day. The mission to give people a place to kick back and enjoy themselves resonates with us at ABC Blind & Drapery. Our mission is to help people create a unique space where they can consider the possibilities and realize their dreams! Chuy’s makes food from scratch and we make customized window treatments… it really is a match made in heaven, aka Austin.