At ABC Blind and Drapery, we provide window treatments for both residential and commercial spaces. While homeowners do love to browse all of our fabrics and fun pattern options, commercial designers typically prioritize their needs a bit differently. When outfitting a commercial property, the purpose of the space is one of the first things we address. We often prioritize light control, operation and style — depending on how the space will be utilized.

light control

In office spaces, unsurprisingly, one of the top recommendations for creating a more productive space is to focus on natural lighting. When selecting window treatments for an office, it’s best to opt for a light filtering fabric. The light filtering option not only allows natural light in, but it also helps to regulate temperature. Heat-blocking window treatments can help prevent the temperature from rising drastically in the afternoon, while light filtering fabrics ensure that no one’s workspace is positioned in direct sunlight.


Regardless of the preferred light control, the window treatment has to be easy to operate. There shouldn’t be a need for a company-wide demonstration or a dedicated person to raise and lower the window treatment. Whether the commercial space calls for manual or motorized operation — our window treatments are intuitive and dependable when it comes to their functionality.

An example of a commercial project that included a window treatment that prioritized light control and operation was for the Benchmark Recovery Center in Manor, Texas. We installed these Sheerweave Manual Roller Shades in black in our 95% UV material. The result is a space that is welcoming and fits within the purpose of the center.


Occasionally, a commercial project will call for a window treatment that needs to fit with a particular decor. These projects are especially exciting, as we are proud to offer a seemingly endless number of options when it comes to fabrics and patterns to choose from. We also have the capability of creating custom designs, so no request is too far-fetched.

While commercial projects are typically on a larger scale than residential projects, many of the concerns are the same. The window treatments we provide are always fitting for the use of the space, easy to operate and complement the room’s current design.