Mid-century modern styles are present in many aspects of today’s design world. One of the main trademarks of the mid-century modern style is a focus on nature and the outdoors, which you can find displayed throughout home designs with the use of large windows, natural window treatments and open floor plans. Another prominent feature that can be found in mid-century modern design is bold colors and prints and a special attention to straight, clean lines when decorating a home. But what are classic mid-century modern window treatments? Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most common mid-century modern window treatments that we offer at ABC Blind & Drapery!

wood blinds

If you’re looking for a versatile and timeless mid-century modern window treatment, then you can’t go wrong with wood blinds. Wood blinds lend character to a room and can serve as a complement to furnishings and spaces. By adding wood blinds to your home, you bring the beauty of nature indoors while giving your home a vintage rustic feel commonly seen in homes in the 60s.

pinch pleat drapes

Are you a fanatic for mid-century modern design? If your answer is yes, you’ll want to choose the window treatment that is the epitome of a mid-century home – pinch pleat drapes. Pinch pleat drapes were frequently paired with bold colors and prints in the 60s and the 70s. Another plus to installing pinch pleat drapes in your home is that you can easily brush them aside to let natural light in during the day and close them at night for optimal privacy.

natural woven shades

To successfully embody the trend of tiki bars and bamboo decor that Polynesian pop brought to the US in the 50s and early 60s, the “natural” choice of window treatment is our natural woven shades. At ABC, we offer an endless array of natural colors and textures including tortoise, bamboo, grass cloths, matchstick, and ribcords. With natural woven shades, you can bring the laid back feel of an island into your home and to make your life even easier, choose to the motorized option!

roller shades

For the classic and sleek mid-century modern window treatment, roller shades are the perfect mix of a simple and clean design. Not only do they easily roll up to display the beauty of nature, but they also come in a variety of light filtering and room-darkening fabrics that allows you privacy control. Roller shades give you the genuine feel for mid-century modern design, and can easily be paired with curtains or drapes to add an extra layer of style to the room.

It’s time to get decorating! What mid-century modern style will you choose? If you love one of the four window treatments we just described, contact us to make your mid-century modern dreams come true!