You don’t have to travel somewhere to feel like you’re at a resort. Make your home feel like a vacation destination this summer with these easy design ideas.

lighten up the mood


You’ve got to give your home a feeling of comfort and ease. This can be done with a quick change in color. Give your room a brighter feel by swapping dark colored curtains for light ones such as white or light blue. There’s something about a bright room that feels so relaxing! We carry over 20 different lines of fabric and trims for that perfect summer look.

relax under some shade


Sitting under a palm tree is cool, but sitting under some shade with wifi is even cooler. Retractable awnings are an elegant and practical way to protect your home from the sun’s harmful rays. Upgrade to a retractable awning and enjoy sunny days all summer long.

get cozy with a hammock

Did you know that millions of people around the world sleep in hammocks? This is because hammocks are extremely comfortable and provide lots of benefits including helping people with insomnia get to sleep. Also, sleeping in a hammock always reminds us of being on a beach! We like this one from La Siesta Hammocks.

build the perfect hangout spot


If you’re going to pretend you’re on vacation, you need a place to kick back and relax. This is where good outdoor furniture, some nice lighting, and a pergotenda make a big difference. Build a comfy spot to relax with a drink (or two), a good book, or maybe some friends. A pergotenda will give you a little more control over the environment while still feeling like you’re outside!

You don’t have to travel far to feel like you’re on vacation. Use these tips to make your home feel more comfortable and relaxing this summer. And if you’re looking to upgrade to lighter curtains, book a free consultation today!