With so many window treatments to choose from, how can you be expected to choose just one? From draperies to shades to blinds, there are many ways to layer your window treatments that will add depth and personality to your space as well as insulation and light filtering. We’ve shared three steps on how to layer your window treatments!

pick a base treatment

To start, you’ll want to pick your base window treatment. Ask yourself – do you want the finished product to come across as a formal or casual look? If you’re looking for a formal window treatment, we suggest going with something like draperies with a decorative valance or Tableaux Decorative Grilles with a sleek pair of curtains. If you prefer a more casual look, a good choice for you could be natural shades or cellular shades. Roller shades are also a great choice if you’re looking for a versatile window treatment that can be dressed up or down based on what layered treatment you choose to pair with them.

choose a layer

The next step to layering your window treatments is choosing the second window covering you want to layer over the base treatment. There are endless options here – from plush velvet draperies to flowy sheer curtains. An addition of a decorative valance and draperies can help make your treatment more formal, while the sheer curtains will help lighten up your space. If you went with a solid base window treatment, you could always add some color and liveliness to the space by choosing a patterned treatment to layer on top!

hang the window treatments

Last but not least, once you’ve picked your base and layered treatment, it’s time to hang the window treatments together. If you’re looking for a finished look, we suggest floor-length window treatments. Also, keep in mind if you’re wanting the window treatments to make your space feel larger than it’s important that you hang them higher than the top of the window, closer to the ceiling so that the window appears larger than it is.

Now that you know exactly how to layer your window treatments, it’s time to get designing! If you’re looking for someone who specializes in custom window treatments and installation, we’d love it if you’d considered us at ABC Blind & Drapery.