It’s a new year and for many of us that means we’ve mentally created a long list of house projects to complete. Is it one room that needs some TLC or does the entire house need a major face-lift?  No matter what your goals are for your home in 2016, here are tips to help you get started.

getting started with house projects

The first step is figuring out which room to tackle first. Do you have multiple rooms on your list or is it one in particular? Spend some time in that room(s) and jot down a list of what you observe. Is the room functional? Is the room unfinished? Does it have adequate lighting? Does something about the room make you unhappy? Does it “feel” right?

Clear the Clutter
A great way to truly appreciate the space you’re working with is to clear it of all unnecessary clutter. Anything that shouldn’t be in that room or anything that isn’t being used should be removed. Then you can start with a clean slate. Revisit your notes and see if the space feels differently to you now that it’s empty.

Window Treatments
One of the best ways to transform a space is with window coverings, so take the time to assess your lighting needs in this space. Do you want it to be bright and cheery with lots of sunlight? Do you want it to be a calming space with dramatic lighting? Do you want both? Think about adding window coverings like custom drapes, wood blinds, shutters or shades. For example, if you want to modernize the space, bright white wood blinds add clean lines and you can easily control the amount of lighting. Fabric drapes can add color, volume and functionality. Drapes can also create a beautiful focal point in any room.

Paint Scheme
Painting a room is another way to transform it. If you’ve been to Lowe’s or Home Depot lately, you know every color imaginable exists when it comes to paints. Today interior paints have less fumes and dry quickly, so if you do repaint, it shouldn’t totally disrupt your household. You can reference apps like Pinterest and Houzz for color palette ideas and design.

Another way to change your decor is by swapping out your current accessories for new ones, perhaps highlighting a different accent color. This way you can use existing pieces of furniture, but still breathe new life into the room. Accessories like lamps, pictures, pillows, throws, bedding and area rugs can be found at great prices. Depending on the room, you can also switch out hardware like cabinet knobs, light fixtures, doorknobs, faucets, etc. to change the look and feel.

Get Organized
As you begin to roll out your project, spend time sorting through the items in that room. If you have items that you don’t want, think about donating them or perhaps selling them at a local furniture consignment shop. Many Austin neighborhoods also have online communities where you can sell home goods online. Make a pact with yourself that the items that come back into the room serve a purpose and each item has a “home” in that room where it can be stored.

Consult a Professional
Before you take the plunge into your home project, understand your options. The best way to do this to take the time to chat with professionals in the business. At ABC Blind & Drapery, we know everything about window coverings and we love helping our customers figure out which ones will work best for them. We go beyond colors and design! We take everything about your room into consideration, so we can tell you which window covering is optimal for your windows based on how your home is situated on your lot.

Give us a call today and let ABC help you with your house projects!