Knowing how to pick the right window treatments for your home can be hard if you don’t know the benefits of each type of window covering. Should you get shades or draperies? Shutters or blinds? With so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. At ABC Blind & Drapery, we think everyone deserves beautiful windows, which is why we carry options for any budget. It’s also why we’ve broken down exactly how to pick the right window treatments for your home – to help you through the process of creating the look you’ve always wanted!

Before we go in depth about each window treatment option, we want you to consider these questions: What do you want to achieve? Do you want privacy and/or a lot of natural light? What style of window treatment are you looking for? Lastly, what is the core function of the room you’re looking to outfit? Now that you’ve considered these questions, let’s discuss your options!


With shades, you have numerous window treatments to choose from, whether it’s roller shades, roman shades, cellular shades or natural woven shades. If you’re looking for a modern, easy-to-operate choice, then our roller shades are a great option. They can come cordless or with a clutch roller or chain and are offered in a variety of light filtering or room darkening fabrics. If you prefer a more traditional window treatment, roman shades are a good choice because they combine the soft elegance of a drapery with the practicality of a roller shade. For the most energy efficient shade, we’d recommend cellular shades because they offer excellent thermal protection to your home. Lastly, for a more natural look, you’ll want to choose our natural woven shades! We offer an endless array of natural colors and textures including tortoise, bamboo, grass cloths, matchstick, and more.


The sky truly is the limit for custom draperies. At ABC, we carry over 20 different lines of fabric and trims for styles ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. If you’re interested in blocking out the sun, then you can opt for thicker draperies, while if you are more interested in allowing natural light in, then you can go with sheer curtains instead. Draperies and curtains can be lined or unlined on rods ranging from non-decorative, decorative, motorized, or custom welded.


We know that protecting furniture and floors against the harsh sun is important (at least here in Texas it is), which makes interior and exterior shutters a popular choice for many. For bathrooms, kitchens, and windows that take a lot of abuse, Polycore shutters are easy to clean and have a higher insulating value against the heat and cold. If you want a window treatment that resists fading, warping, peeling, and discoloration – even in areas of excessive moisture or sun exposure, then the Plantation shutter is a solid choice. At ABC, we offer paint and stain matches to allow for an even more custom look for your shutters!


Want a look that perfectly blends classic and contemporary? Then, wood blinds are for you. Lending character to a room, they can serve as a complement to furnishings and spaces. If you’re in need of a budget-friendly option, we’d recommend faux wood blinds or mini blinds. If your priority is total light control and privacy, then silhouette blinds may be the choice for you. Silhouette blinds disappear when fully raised, resulting in an unobstructed view of the outdoors while when fully closed, they shut out the view and dim the light.

Now that you know how to pick the right window treatments for your home, it’s time to make it happen! Before you make any decisions, stop on by our showroom at ABC Blind & Drapery and explore all of the possibilities with one of our experienced designers. We hope to see you soon!