When designing a space, it’s essential to have variation in shades of color, textures, patterns, and styles to add depth and bring the room to life. When learning how to decorate with wood tones, just know that if all of the wood surfaces share the same tone, then the room is likely to feel flat and plain. Pairing different wood finishes together such as flooring and furniture can result in a more diverse and layered look, giving the space more texture, and in turn, creating a more organic feel to the room. Here are our suggestions on how to decorate with wood tones!


When picking wood flooring, it’s important that you consider the long-term results. Will you prefer light colored floors or darker floors ten years from now? What type of flooring will weather the least over time? Does the space need water-resistant flooring? Which floors hide pet hair and dirt the best? Once you’ve considered these questions and found the right flooring for you, you’ll want to choose wood tones for the rest of your furnishings that complement the flooring rather than match it. This way it adds more depth to the room, while also offering that layered look we mentioned above.


First, you’ll want to decide how much wood furniture you’d like in the room you’re decorating. You can choose to decorate with wood chairs, coffee tables, side tables, partitions, couches and more! If you’re looking for a more subtle wood design, maybe commit to one or two pieces of furniture, like the coffee table and chair seen in the first photo. If you want to make more of a statement with your wood tones, then consider adding wood partitions like the ones shown in the second photo. No matter how much wood you choose to decorate the room with, just remember to choose wood tones that complement each other rather than ones that all match.

window treatments

Another way to make a statement when decorating with wood tones is by choosing a wood window treatment. At ABC Blind & Drapery, we offer numerous wood window coverings from shutters to natural woven shades to wood blinds. Wood window treatments can give the room a more rustic, cabin feel while the rest of the room still embodies a contemporary look! The addition of wood window treatments can give you room for versatility when choosing styles and designs for the rest of the space.


If you want to add a more natural feel to the room, but don’t think you can commit to decorating with wood tones heavily, then you can always accent the space with art and sculptures made of different wood tones. Using accessories to decorate with wood tones allows you to integrate different woods into the space, without having to worry about getting tired of an expensive wood furniture piece or wood flooring.

Are you ready to start decorating with wood tones? If so, we’ve created a Pinterest board full of spaces that incorporate different woods to help you brainstorm how to decorate with wood tones in your home. And if you’re in the market for some new wood window treatments, we’d love if you’d consider the possibilities with us at ABC Blind & Drapery!