Hello, fall! Have you been waiting for the blazing summer to end and fall to finally be here? Us too! We love fall home decor trends and want to share our favorites with you. So, what are the most common fall decor trends you ask? Read on to find out!

the modern maker

One of the newest fall decor trends is a movement towards more conscious buying, celebrating the beauty of the craftsman. Think artisan folk – handcrafted pieces that embrace natural wood, decorative quilts, and sculptures made of rattan or wicker. This trend embraces the imperfect, focusing on textures that are visually appealing while still encompassing the cozy feeling of fall.

scandi style

Scandinavian design is best known for its functional minimalism, the perfect balance between stylish and stark simplicity. While this design trend emerged in the 1950’s, it has yet to lose popularity and continues to be seen in home decor year after year. With a focus on lighting, function and clutter-free neutral colored furniture, the scandi style perfectly achieves an understated elegance in your home.

all velvet everything

Velvet adds a layer of luxury to any room and can come in many different furnishings from sofas to chairs to window treatments. Able to make the room more modern or traditional – velvet allows you the versatility to choose your preferred style of design. This material is perfect for fall, creating a cozy and refined ambiance sure to delight during the colder months.

the darker the better

Now’s the time to shift from the light pastel colors of summer to the richer, darker colors of fall such as stark black, deep purples and rustic terracotta. It’s becoming increasingly popular to decorate your home with black accessories – combined with tactile pieces and white decor to balance out the room, this monochrome trend is sure to impress your guests. If black is too bold for you, switch it up and decorate with rich purples or natural terracotta pieces for the perfect fall design!

fall floral

Paired with the right accessories, adding an oversized floral wall or a statement floral furniture piece can create the perfect fall space. We recommend keeping the rest of the look simple, allowing the fall floral to be the highlight of the room! Be sure to match key colors from the floral piece with the rest of the room’s accessories, and the space is sure to ooze the coziness and warmth of fall.

Hopefully, now you’re feeling inspired, full of ideas and ready to decorate with these new fall decor trends! If you decide to go the extra mile and match your window treatments to your fall decor, don’t forget we make customizable window treatments, upholstery and pillows. Contact us to begin designing your perfect fall home!