While the Texas heat makes it hard to get excited about fall and the beautiful weather that (will one day) come with it, it’s still good to have a change of scenery and decor with each season. You don’t necessarily have to commit to fall and harvest decorations like pumpkins or wreaths when fall rolls around, but changing and upgrading some details and accents can be the perfect way to transition your interior decor from summer to fall. Here are the fall decor ideas for 2019 that we think embody the signs of the season and have a longer life than the typical additions!

mantelpiece arrangements

Creating a fall mantelpiece arrangement can be an easy and affordable way to decorate for fall. Using earth tones and foliage decor such as warm-colored faux flowers in burnt orange or red accents can help you easily transition this arrangement from fall to winter as well. If you’re a fan of decorating with pumpkins, you can easily place the cute mini pumpkins on the mantel and take them off come winter!

If you prefer neutral tones, we recommend decorating with the off white pumpkins and placing wheat decor around for a touch of texture in a classy, but not overly flashy way. If you’re looking for ideas, Midwest Living shares 28 cute ways to decorate your mantelpiece for fall!

throws & blankets

One of the more simple and affordable fall decor ideas for 2019 we suggest is to upgrade your throw pillows and blankets around the home. Faux fur is the perfect way to cozy up your home for fall, without having to make any drastic changes. You can also choose warmer colored pillows and blankets such as a burnt orange or rust variety, as well as some of the warmer yellows, like mustard or honey-colored throws and pillows. If you’re struggling for ideas, Pinterest is always a great place to get the creative juices flowing!

warmer window treatments

A great way to transition from summer to fall is by updating your window treatments from a light and airy summer treatment to a warmer fall treatment. One great fall option is to upgrade to a warmer drapery or curtain, that is thicker and cozier for the fall season. Not only will this be perfect with the weather cooling down, but it’ll also be great all through winter as well. If you want a slightly lighter option, we also recommend layering your window treatments. Layered window treatments add more depth and texture to a room, and if you get tired of having two treatments you could always separate them – for example, using the drapery during the fall and winter and the roller shades during the spring and summer. Layered window treatments give you more flexibility and options throughout the year!

mixed metals

Mixed metals are always a popular decor item to pair with the warmer tones of fall. Whether it’s placing rustic tin buckets around the home to hold your extra throw blankets or magazines, or mixing in a warmer metal such as copper or brass into your mantelpiece arrangement, you can’t go wrong with some mixed metal accents around the home this fall.

reclaimed wood

If you’re a fan of the rustic + warm decor style during the fall, then you definitely don’t want to miss the reclaimed wood trend. Reclaimed wood is a great way to bring the fall spirit into your home, giving it that cozy, “sit by the fireplace with a cup of tea” feeling. Some reclaimed wood decor ideas can be as permanent as installing open shelving in your home or something seasonal like using a reclaimed wooden window frame to hang your festive fall wreath on, similar to these cute ones shown on Pinterest!

Now that we’ve suggested some fun fall decor ideas that embody the season, it’s time to get to decorating! If you’re in the market for warmer window treatments, we’d be happy to help you create the look you want. Reach out to learn more about our fall window treatment options!