Do energy saving window treatments matter? During the hottest month of the year, we could all use tips on how to decrease our energy consumption in order to avoid a record high electric bill. It seems to be a continuous struggle, as we don’t want to pay more, but we also don’t want to be miserable in our own homes.

ABC Blind & Drapery has several products that do the work of fighting the sun for you, but there are other ways that Austinites, in particular, can save energy and therefore, money.

On our products page, you will find that we offer a variety of shutters and blinds that are effective when it comes to controlling interior temperatures. Take a look at your current window treatments. Sheer curtains may allow natural light in, but they surely aren’t as energy efficient as cellular shades. These are an excellent choice for thermal protection, because they maximize window view when open.

A unique product that you may not have considered is drop roller solar screens that can be attached to the sides of an existing covered patio or installed over exterior windows, French or sliding doors. With this product in particular, you are able to control the UV Blockage from 65%, 80% or 90%.  You also have a choice of four different colors. As a partner with the Austin Energy Program, purchasing from ABC qualifies you for a rebate on solar screens.

As a more subtle option, we also carry window film. This product protects your home interior from the harmful UV rays that can cause your furniture to fade, as well as cools your home, thus reducing energy consumption. Guaranteed for as long as you own your home, window film has a natural, non-reflective appearance, enhances your privacy, and can add years to the life of your furniture and draperies.

Aside from energy saving window treatments, we found this article that lays out ‘100 Ways to Save on Energy’ that range from simple to labor intensive. Some changes that can be implemented immediately include switching to LED light bulbs, unplugging electronics when they’re not in use and regularly changing your AC filters to ensure it is functioning optimally. 

Austin residents have the option to enroll in Austin Energy’s Powersaver Program, which offers incentives such as rebates to those who comply with the program. This program lays out different ways to earn, like replacing your air conditioner with a newer, more efficient model or as we mentioned, installing solar screens. Austin Energy also has a mobile app that allows users to track their energy consumption in real time and see the projection for their upcoming bill. This may help you discern where and when you could possibly make some changes.

If you find yourself dreading the arrival of the electric bill each month and are tired of patrolling the A.C. controls to fend off unauthorized users, it’s time to make some long term changes. Call us for more information on energy efficient window coverings to make your home cool in more ways than one.