When decorating small rooms, you may want to make them feel bigger. There are several changes you can make from an interior design standpoint that greatly impact the feel of a space. A common issue that can seem impossible to overcome is how to make a room seem bigger than it actually is. While purchases may be required, there are often things you can do with what you already have to help a space go from cluttered to open. Here are our three tips to make a room feel bigger and look like it was designed with purpose. 

window treatments

The most drastic change you can make is by bringing more light into a room. Don’t take down the window treatments in search of the sun just yet. First, check whether you have chosen the best fitting window treatment for the type of window and the purpose of the room. The second question is whether your window treatment is installed correctly. The below picture showcases how drapery should be installed — the rod close to the ceiling and extended 20-24’’ wider than the window. You then have the option to tie the drapery off, framing the window and making the light the focal point of the room.

The only thing worse than no draperies are ones that are too short for the window! There are three proper lengths of draperies: sill, apron and floor length. If you’re working with ABC Blind and Drapery, we will absolutely be measuring to ensure you don’t receive a window treatment that is an awkward length. The ideal drapery will be hung from a rod high above the window and just graze the sill or ground.

the lighting triangle

If there is a lack of sunlight in the room to begin with, don’t be afraid to bring in other sources of light. This article from Apartment Therapy refers to “the lighting triangle,” advising that each room needs three separate sources of light. This is also a way to bring symmetry to a room, or an opportunity to take a unique route. Consider placing a matching pair of lamps on the bedside tables on either side of the bed. An interesting chandelier or modern floor lamp will also do the trick.

mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!

When decorating small rooms you can make it feel bigger by adding mirrors. Both full-length and hanging mirrors do a fantastic job of expanding space. The style of the mirror is up to you! Just make sure that both the mirrors and windows in the space are cleaned often. Fingerprint covered mirrors and streaky windows are definitely not the look we are striving for!

Controlling light is essentially controlling the ‘feel’ of a space. Proper window treatments, lamps, and mirrors can’t literally enlarge a room, but they certainly make an impact on a budget. We recommend that you enter the room and see where your eyes are drawn to first. Illuminate any shadowy corners, rid the room of clutter, hang a mirror and check that your window treatments are installed correctly!