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Gray has recently become the leading choice of neutral wall colors, replacing bright white and creamy beige. While we certainly think that gray does a superior job of hiding smudges if you have children or pets, it can be difficult to pick an accent color if all of your previous decor was… well, gray! If you’re considering changing your wall color from white or beige to any shade of gray and are unsure of how to coordinate the rest of your decor—here is how we suggest you go about re-decorating!

consider your light sources

As Jessica Becker, a Rhode Island interior designer, pointed out to Real Simple, “Gray is already the color of shadow—you don’t want to cast more with an overhead fixture. Layered lighting keeps the room flattering.” Chances are, you did not paint your walls gray with the intention of it seeming shadowy. The solution is to strategically place a variety of light sources—from overhead lighting, floor lamps, side table lamps, etc. If you haven’t started the painting project yet, double check the natural lighting in the room. The gray will look especially good if natural sunlight is one of your light sources.

pick your accent color

Gray walls don’t mean you can’t have anything else gray in the room. It just means it can’t be all you have unless a futuristic monochrome look is what you’re going for. The accent colors you choose depend on the shade of gray you selected for the walls. Both pastel hues and pops of citrus can work— the key is to tie it in appropriately. If you prefer neutrals all around, Houzz recommends “adding natural elements like gold and natural greenery. Both will add depth to a scheme based on sophisticated grays and off-whites (or, really, any color in the spectrum) without interrupting the flow, giving you the perfect antipop pop.” Keep your furniture on the neutral side and purchase fun throw pillows and art prints that star your accent color.

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utilize window treatments

Working your accent color into your draperies or shades is a simple way to make the color evident, without it overpowering the neutral walls. At ABC Blind and Drapery, you have the option to choose a window treatment that either perfectly matches your accent color or has it worked into one of our many patterns. We also provide the option to work with our designers to help select the window treatment that will best complement your current color palette. A high-quality window treatment should not only be easy to operate but should add interest to the room.

There’s no need to fear changing your wall color. If done well, gray walls can give your home quite the modern and sophisticated look. And you always have the option to make it unique with interesting art and fun pops of color!