As Austin grows and the suburbs continue to expand, new homes are being quickly built to accommodate those looking to buy real estate of their own.  In consequence, the little details of older homes that you find charming are passed over. A new home build means that it’s move-in ready and that you don’t have to spend time or money on repairs or renovations. However, the possible downside of choosing a brand new home is that they often lack the character that makes a house feel cozy. Here are some simple and cost-effective ideas in decorating a new home for character and charm.



interior/exterior shutters


Simply by adding shutters, passerby will notice that there is something different about your home! We have premium hardwood interior shutters available in custom paint and stain matches and polycore shutters for areas that take a lot of abuse (kitchens & bathrooms). Our exterior shutters are available in 12 styles and come standard in redwood, cedar and pine. Additional wood options include ash, oak, mahogany, hickory, knotted alder or cherry. They can be painted or stained to match exterior colors and upgraded with shutter strap hinges and latches for a more “old world” look.


tableaux decorative grilles


These faux iron grilles are as custom as it gets. You are able to choose the material, the color, the design and where it will go depending on the architectural design of your home. They can be placed almost anywhere you can imagine, including windows, doors, transoms and cornices. These accents give the illusion of an expensive upgrade, but are affordable and easy to install. Contact us if you would like to know more about this product.






More often than not, you will find that builders have installed the same overhead lighting in each room. The intention is to remain consistent throughout the house, but in reality can make you feel like you’re living in a rented space. We suggest taking a trip to an antique store and finding a unique piece. Maybe it’s a classic chandelier, or perhaps a funkier version—view it as an opportunity to add your personal touch.



Changing out hardware such as cabinet handles, switch plates, and doorknobs are one of the easiest changes you can make. Classic and modern hardware can be found at stores like Home Depot, and Anthropologie is a great place to scout for more eclectic options.

paint (or wallpaper!)



Consider taking the walls from that safe off-white to something that properly indicates that your family lives there. Painting the whole house can be daunting, but a few accent walls can be considered a weekend project with a big impact. We love the idea of a bold entryway and maybe some fun wallpaper in the guest bathroom.


At ABC Blind and Drapery, we encourage our customers to imagine the possibilities. We think it’s important that the space you live in is a reflection of who you are and properly speaks to your personal style and family values. Now get in there and make your house a home!