Modern style boasts new tech, all natural decor, cleanliness and a focus on simplicity. Read below to learn more about the key elements needed to create a modern style in your home!


Modern style exudes a sort of simplistic and minimalist view on interior design. When decorating, there should be a lack of fussiness or fluff to the room, with a clear and to the point design. For that reason, a lot of the time modern design has a large use of white when decorating the space. If you plan to incorporate white decor into your home, House Beautiful shares some wonderful ideas on how to decorate with white. Another way to add simplicity to your home is through technology. Modern homes are smart homes, with all of the latest tech and gadgets to make your life easier and your home more efficient. Some of our recommendations would be controlled lighting, motorized window treatments, and a smart thermostat.

all natural

Whether it’s exposed beams, natural materials such as wood, metal or leather or just a natural color palette, modern style can come in all forms of “all natural”. A modern home should feel open and spacious, which is why structural elements such as concrete or beams are often left exposed. Another way to make the space feel bigger is through the use of natural light or white decor. Sheer or white draperies, wood blinds, and roller shades are all great options of modern window treatments that allow you to control the amount of natural light that comes in.

clean design

When learning how to decorate in modern style, you should always be trying to achieve a clean design. Modern style places an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines with fewer curves as well as low, horizontal furnishings with clean lines. Another element that portrays a clean design when used properly is the addition of reflective surfaces such as steel, chrome, or glass.

Now that you know the key elements needed to decorate in modern style, it’s time to get to it! If you’re interested in any of the modern window treatments mentioned above, we’d love if you contacted us at ABC Blind & Drapery.