While furnishing and decorating a home is an anticipated expense, it can quickly get out of hand if you don’t keep the big picture in mind. “The big picture” requires that you purchase with intention. Purchasing with intention means determining what pieces you plan to keep for years and which decorations you consider seasonal — and then deciding where to spend and where to save. For example, homeowners tend to splurge on couches and bed sets because they get a lot of use and comfort is a necessity. The savings happens when you opt for simple side tables and accent decor, with the intent to swap pieces out more frequently as your preferences change. Regarding window treatments, we must determine whether the homeowner intends to have one type of window treatment for the foreseeable future or would like the option to switch it up every so often. What we offer is education regarding which window treatments are budget-friendly and easy to install versus the window treatments that we consider to be investments of time and money.

mini blinds

ABC is THE factory when it comes to custom mini blinds – made locally in our own shops, by our own expert craftsmen. Mini blinds are extremely budget friendly, with a quick turnaround and easy installation. We offer the standard slat dimension and colors options, but also offer several other brands should you prefer a special color. While we consider mini blinds to be a simple solution, all of our products are of high-quality and have been proven to stand the test of time.

roller shades

Roller shades are a very practical and dependable option — as they are easy to operate and come in a variety of light filtering and room darkening fabrics that certainly give you greater light control. We offer roller shades in classic fabrics, but you always have the option to select something completely special and unique. We love the look of neutral roller shades paired with a unique drapery to act as the focal point of the room.


The brilliance of drapery is that it gives you endless versatility. Beyond the drapery style itself, you have the valance style, as well as the fabric lining and type of rod to choose. Manual draperies are rather simple to switch out — giving you numerous combinations to choose from as your style changes.


Shutters are long-lasting and always in style. While shutters are more costly and require a custom fit for your space, our plantation shutter blinds resist fading, warping, peeling, and discoloration — even in areas of excessive moisture or sun exposure — making them a cost-effective investment.

At ABC Blind & Drapery, the custom window treatments that we offer range in type and price. The solution we recommend often depends on our clients’ particular needs. The type of window in need of a treatment, the customer’s budget and his or her style preferences are all factors we take into consideration. There isn’t a cut and dry formula to follow because style preferences and budgets vary from homeowner to homeowner. We acknowledge that each client’s needs are different, which is why our services are highly personalized. This guarantees that our clients receive the window treatment that suits the space for as long, or as little, as they’d like.