Summer is in full swing!  Now, go enjoy the shade.  Here is an Italian-born product making Austin a little cooler with stunning shade solutions.  ABC Blind & Drapery has teamed with Corradi USA to bring Austin “vitality and functionality in outdoor spaces”.  

Corradi USA incorporates European design with American-grade construction. The manufacturing of these structures happens in Dallas, Texas. Here are some of the Corradi products ABC Blind & Drapery can offer:

The Corradi IMPACT Shade System

ABC Blind & Drapery would love to show you the Pergotenda cover system on display at our showroom.

The patented IMPACT shade system can be installed on any of their beautiful wood or aluminum structures and fit existing pergolas or mounted frames.  The tough, but attractive, sail material can be opened or closed for complete weather protection. 

Corradi Attached Aluminum Structures

The Corradi B-SPACE System
The Corradi MILLENIUM System
The Corradi IRIDIUM System
The Corradi EXYL System

Corradi Pergotenda EXYL and IRIDIUM aluminum designs attach to existing structures, and their clean simple lines work well with any style architecture.  ABC Blind & Drapery gives a thumbs up for the B-SPACE system.  It comes with a patented heating system and enclosures for the cooler months.  B-SPACE has classic clean lines and great coverage with strength to cover a larger space for home or commercial.  The MILLENIUM is a design that works well with posts and other architectural features, also making it a great style for commercial use and larger homes.

To create an entirely new space, the KUBO is a versatile freestanding aluminum structure.   KUBO has a hidden eave and drain system and can also attach to any existing structure.  For rustic or elegant architectural styling, visit with ABC Blind & Drapery about the Corradi USA wood structures. 

The Corradi ARKO Wood

The ARKO is a wood product featuring an elegant awning style bracket and frame that adds charm and grace for a stunning look.  The Corradi feature at the ABC Blind & Drapery showroom is a wood product.  Rain or shine, these products will make any outdoor experience enjoyable.

Please come visit our showroom and see these amazing Corradi products.