Combining Plantation Shutters with Drapes

Every now and then there is a Pinterest image that spurs an idea. Perhaps it’s something you’ve never seen before, but now you can’t get it out of your head. Enter the idea of combining plantation shutters with drapes. It’s a bit similar to layering your outfits. If done incorrectly, it can look heavy and awkward, but when done right… it looks sophisticated and classic.

ABC Blind & Drapery has been in business in 1947, so we’re all for mixing it up and testing our creativity. The plantation shutters with drapes combination seen below can be found in our showroom. In order to achieve this grown-up look, step one is to choose your plantation shutters. This is a more committal window treatment, considering it’s an easier process to switch out draperies should you wish to change it up in the future. Plantation shutters provide an excellent defense against the Texas sun, and are quite durable and simple to operate. We offer a variety of materials and colors, all fade and warp resistant. Popular choices are either a dark wood or classic white. We suggest you choose a shade that blends with the decor in the rest of your home.

plantation shutters with drapes
ABC Blind & Drapery Showroom

After installing plantation shutters, you may decide that the look is complete. After all, they are fully functioning window treatments with style. We think combining plantation shutters with drapes makes the window a focal point of the room and allows you to make a statement. We’ve seen them done in living rooms, bedrooms, studies… there are no limits.

We would install the curtain rod above the window frame and are able to customize the length of the drapery to your taste. Take a look at this example, where the plantation shutter + drapery combination is installed above a cozy nook and the draperies end at the bench cushion. In our showroom example, we placed the rod high above the shutters and let the drapery fall to the floor, giving it a more dramatic look.

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Georgica Pond Pinterest
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No matter the project you have in mind, we’re here to help you consider the possibilities. Feel free to visit our showroom, where you are able to customize every detail of your window treatment, from the hardware to the fabric. We’re definitely fans of the plantation shutter + drapery combination, but we are certainly able to accommodate your own unique vision!