abc plantation

Have you ever seen an image in a magazine or on a Pinterest board that made you think “I want that!” but felt uncertain about pulling it off? We hear a lot of comments like that when it comes to trying unique window treatments, like this combination of plantation shutters and drapes. Not to worry though! When done correctly, this look is sophisticated, classic, and easy to pull off. ABC Blind & Drapery has been in business in 1947, so we know all about mixing up your style to stay fresh and creative! The plantation shutters + drapery combination seen below is one of our favorites, and can be found in our showroom.

In order to achieve this grown-up look, start by choosing your plantation shutters. These provide an excellent defense against the Texas sun, and are quite durable and simple to operate. We offer a variety of materials and colors, all fade and warp resistant. Popular choices are either a dark wood or classic white, but we suggest you choose a shade that blends with the decor in the rest of your home.

white curtains

After installing plantation shutters you may decide that the look is complete, but we think combining plantation shutters with drapes makes the window a focal point of the room and allows you to make a statement!

To complete the look, we will install the curtain rod above the window frame and customize the length of the drapery to your taste. Take a look at this example, where the plantation shutter + drapery combination is installed above a cozy nook and the draperies end at the bench cushion. In our showroom example, we placed the rod high above the shutters and let the drapery fall to the floor, giving it a more dramatic look.

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