Are you curious about the color trends for 2019? Every year, paint companies like Sherwin Williams and Behr predict popular colors for the upcoming year. Behr has released their color trends for 2019 in the form of four different categories: Color Binge, Down to Earth, Soft Focus and Inspired Curation. Design is anything but one size fits all, and these palettes appeal to people based on their personality. Below, we share window treatment ideas to compliment these four palettes, whether you’re a fan of Color Binge, Down to Earth, Soft Focus or Inspired Curation!

Behr Color Trends 2019

color binge

If you’re drawn to the Color Binge Palette with colors like “Antigua” and “Watery” then chances are, you are a fan of blue and not afraid to make a statement. To make the space visually interesting, consider statement window treatments like boldly patterned draperies paired with eclectic metallic gold decorations. At ABC Blind & Drapery, we provide you with access to a professional designer that will help you choose a fabric that looks as if it was made with the Color Binge Palette in mind. We love this dining room from Elle Decor, we can picture a similar layout but with “Antigua” as the trim, “Blueprint” on the walls, and patterned draperies accented with a mix of colors from the Color Binge palette!

Photo from Elle Decor

inspired curation

The Inspired Curation Palette offers jewel hues that are cast with an earthy richness. If you’re a fan of the natural colors of the world, then this palette will give your home the perfect warm feeling of the outdoors and is sure to enhance the appeal of the room. We’re thinking “Blueprint” as a statement wall with the other walls painted “Ecological” and some light and airy “Amber Autumn” curtains to tie the room together and let the natural sunlight in.

Photo from Behr

soft focus

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Soft Focus Palette, with colors like “Cotton Grey” and “Sand Dance” that create a relaxed, comfortable space. These pastel-based colors are complemented by simple window treatments that blend with your decor, such as roman shades. Roman shades are easy-to-operate and give the room a cozy and luxurious feel. Picture “Standing Ovation” for a girl’s bedroom, with roman shades and a fluffy white comforter with accent pillows!

Photo from Curbed New York

down to earth

For those who prefer their decor to be more classicly modern, the Down to Earth Palette is full of shades that help give structure to a room. Window treatments such as roller shades are perfect for the minimalist. At ABC, we give the option of a straight hem style, as well as a wide range of decorative hems. Roller shades are also available in light filtering or room darkening, depending on where you would like to place them in the home. We love this living room with “Elephant Skin” on the walls complete with comfy furniture and a bold statement of “Mars Red” on the chimney and ceilings!

Photo from Behr

At ABC Blind & Drapery, we encourage homeowners to “Consider the Possibilities” by learning about industry happenings like the color trends of 2019, because it’s nice to be informed when updating your home! A house that speaks to your personality makes it feel that much more like home. Whether you’re drawn to the Color Binge, Down to Earth, Soft Focus or Inspired Curation palette, we have products that are sure to speak to you.